Friday & Saturday 8pm

Sunday 2pm

Thru April 10, 2022

        We’re excited to announce our Spring 2022 production of this delightful musical melodrama featuring heroes and villains and everything in between!

Villainy in the Vineyard by Gary McCarver

This is the story of Kaye Syrah trying so hard to keep the family vineyard alive after her family goes missing.  It is the story of a ruthless land speculator willing to do just about anything to build his empire; along the journey he discovers the stagecoach line and vineyards of Old San Leandro!

It is the story of schemers and dreamers, heroes and villains; but is mostly about family.  Learn the fate of the once-great East Bay Vineyards in this long-forgotten, seldom told, mostly true tale about one man that kept wine alive not just for California, but for the whole planet.  A family-friendly musical play that's a lot of fun!


Directed by: Karen Barbera and Terry Guillory

PLEASE NOTE: Performances will observe CDC, Alameda County and City of San Leandro COVID safety protocols: Actors & staff vaccinated and masked (actors when not performing); ATTENDEES MUST SHOW PROOF OF VACCINATION AND MASKING IS REQUIRED (UNDER 5, ONLY MASKING REQUIRED) .



Performance dates/times:

Saturdays at 8pm & Sundays at 2pm 3/12/22 thru 4/10/22 plus Fridays at 8pm 4/1/22 and 4/8/22.

Where: San Leandro Museum/Auditorium, 320 West Estudillo Ave, San Leandro, next to the historic Casa Peralta and 2 blocks east of the San Leandro BART Station. Wheelchair accessible.

Tickets: $20 general; $15 seniors & under 12 (other discounts may apply). 

Villainy in the Vineyard is produced by

special arrangement with Hero and Villain


NARRATOR – JEAN-CLAUDE : Former owner of a winery and connoisseur of wine having published the first treatises describing California grape growing to advance the science of winemaking. A man that truly understood the art of wine.


NARRATOR’S WIFE – ANGELICA: Jean-Claude’s wife shares his love of Northern Rhone wines that are even found on their family crest. Schooled in the ways of science, she’s a worthy match for Jean-Claude’s “know-it-all” personality. She is named after a wine, so it is fitting she married a wine master.


PIANO PLAYER – TRUDY LITE: Our resident musician returns to bring melodramatic antics to life as she tinkles out the tunes you expect from an old west style Melodrama!


CUE-CARD MAVEN – PAIGE TURNER: Paige reminds the audience to join in the fun by holding up “Hiss - Boo”, “Shameful Plug”, or “Oh My” Cue-Card signs as appropriate.


THE HEROINE – KAYE SYRAH: Heiress to the Syrah Winery and Vineyards when her parents died on a trip to San Francisco. Against all odds, she retains hope that they will be coming back. Only her neighbor Rose keeps her spirits up.


THE FRIEND – ROSE MADEIRA: The daughter of one of the many local vineyard owners who promised to take care of Kaye and her winery when Kaye’s parents never came back from a trip to San Francisco. She has a quick wit and quicker temper.


THE STAGECOACH STATION MASTER – BUCK SHOTT: A stagecoach driver who is tired of choking dust and unrelenting cold on the trails. Now as station master in San Juan Capistrano, he serves up his wife’s lethally black coffee.


STATION MASTER’S WIFE – AGNES SHOTT: A former saloon entertainer in San Francisco who preferred being called “OnYes”, which she says is the fancy French pronunciation of her name. Now instead of singing, she helps her husband and stage coach station visitors with her “fearful bad” cooking.

THE BARRON – VICTOR VON VINEUS: A cape-wearing smooth-talking opportunistic phony nobleman willing to do just about any dastardly deed to accomplish his nefarious plot of secretly creating a wine empire in Southern California.

THE BLACKSMITH – RUSSELL GRUB: A childhood friend of Kay’s parents and rather sweet on Kaye’s best friend Rose.  When he not pestering stagecoach station patrons, he lends the occasional hand to whoever might need help.

GRANDFATHER – GRAN SYRAH: Kaye’s grandfather who made the trip from his home in Cadillac France to help with the vineyards since he is a 5th generation winemaker. A big heart and he loves his granddaughters as much as his wine.

THE COUSINS – ADELLA, BELLA, STELLA: Three stunning women who came from France with their grandfather to help save their cousin’s winery. They speak very little English, but join in all the songs and as might be needed.

THE HERO – TOM MUNSON: Horticulturist and grape breeder. Childhood sweetheart of Kaye who moved to Texas with his family years ago. Now back to San Juan Capistrano on the stagecoach hoping to help solve the grape blight.

SENATOR – FOWLER FAIRWEATHER ESQ: A Bureaucrat with delusions of grandeur. Mildly villainous, but not much more than any other politician. He failed in his run for Senator but insists that everyone call him by that name, hoping that it becomes a reality.

OPTIONAL WALK-ON EXTRA – MOTHER MADEIRA  (50+) – The mother of Rose who occasionally checks in on her. The Madeiras are having their own issues and recently sold their vineyard. Mother Madeira has not had the heart to tell her daughter yet.

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