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Waiting in the wings
By: Noel Coward
Directed by:  Amy Cook


Saturdays at 8pm, Sunday Matinees at 2Pm
July 20th thru August 18, 2024
Plus:  Fridays at 8pm August 9th & 16th

Featuring:  Pamela Ball, Miranda Bumstead,
Sarah Catherine Chan, John Chapin, Dana M. Fry Ed.D.,
Imagine Gonzales, Terry Guillory, Marsha Howard, DD Langley,
Carole MacKenzie, Laura Martin-Chapin, Siobhan O'Brien, Tiare Pena,
Linda Scaparotti, Mark DeWeese

Noel Coward wrote this play, his 50th, as a gift for actress friends he had worked with in his earlier days.  "The Wings" is a charity home for retired actresses who bring their dramatic stage talents into their communal living.  The play explores ins and outs of daily life with typical Coward wit and humor within a framework of both the pleasures and sadness of aging.  Hanging over the community is their desire for a solarium and the whims of the theater board that runs the home.  What ensues is a delightful collection of forceful and dramatic personalities, a long simmering feud, a mysterious journalist, and the tender and heart-breaking realities of losing family and building new relationships.  In addition, Coward wrote some delightful music for this music-enhanced non-musical.  Audiences leave with new-found friends in the residents of "The Wings".

Waiting in the Wings is presented by arranagement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

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