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San Leandro Players is excited to announce auditions for our Summer 2023 production of "12 Angry Jurors" by Reginald Rose, adapted by Sherman L. Sergel; directed by Amy Cook.


"12 Angry Jurors" examines the concepts of facts versus interpretation, of the individual versus the majority, and of the unconsciously held biases that are inherent in us all. 


Auditions: 7pm Tuesday, May 16 and Wednesday, May 17, 2023 (Friday, May 19 callbacks, if necessary). Please plan on attending one or both nights of auditions.  Please bring a resume, but no monologues are required.  We will be reading from the script and doing some improv work.  This is an ensemble cast with most actors on stage the entire show.  Casting will be towards a diverse ensemble with most actors able to fit many roles so please come prepared to read for different parts.  If any have any questions, please contact Amy Cook at


Non-AEA, no pay; all genders, ethnicities and ages encouraged. Please Note: Until further notice, auditions, rehearsals and performances will observe CDC, Alameda County and City of San Leandro COVID safety protocols (PROOF OF VACCINATION REQUIRED, MASKING required except when performing on stage).



At the San Leandro Museum/Auditorium 320 West Estudillo Ave, San Leandro (next to the historic Casa Peralta and 2 blocks east of the San Leandro BART Station).



From May 22 to July 13 (Monday thru Thursday 7-9 pm), plus July 14 (dress rehearsal)



July 15 thru August 13; Saturdays at 8pm; Sundays at 2pm PLUS Fridays at 8pm August 4 and August 11, 2013.


"12 Angry Jurors" is presented by arrangement with THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY of Woodstock, Illinois.



Foreperson (any age):  A petty person impressed with their authority as Foreperson.  Quite formal; not overly bright, but dogged.'


Juror 2 (any age):  Meek and hesitant; finds it difficult to maintain own opinions.  Easily swayed and usually adopts the opinion of the last person spoken to.


Juror 3 (any age):  Very strong, very forceful, extremely opinionated; a streak of sadism.  Humorless and intolerant of other opinions; accustomed to forcing wishes and views upon others.


Juror 4 (any age):  A person of wealth and position; a practiced speaker who presents well at all times.  Seems to feel a little bit above the rest of the jurors.  Only concern is with the facts of the case and is appalled with the behavior of others.


Juror 5 (20's-30's):  Naive and frightened, takes obligations with the case very seriously, but finds it difficult to speak when elders have the floor.


Juror 6 (any age):  Honest but dull-witted; comes upon decisions slowly and carefully.  Finds it difficult to create positive opinions.  Must listen and digest and accept opinions offered by others which most appeal.


Juror 7 (any age):  Loud, flashy, glad-handed sales type who has more important things to do than sit on a jury.  Quick to show temper and opinions about which they know nothing.  A bully and a coward.


Juror 8 (any age):  Quiet, thoughtful and gentle, sees all sides and constantly seeks the truth.  Strong tempered with compassion.  Above all, wants justice to be done, and will fight to see that it is.


Juror 9 (65+):  Mild, gentle senior, long since defeated by life and now merely waiting to die.  Mourns the days when it would have been possible to be courageous without the shield of many years.


Juror 10 (any age):  Angry and bitter; antagonizes almost at sight.  A bigot; places no value on human life besides one's own.  Has been nowhere and is going nowhere and knows it.


Juror 11 (65+):   An immigrant.  Speaks with an accent and is ashamed, humble, almost subservient to the others.  Will honestly seek justice because has suffered through so much injustice.


Juror 12 (any age):  A slick, bright advertiser who thinks of human beings in terms of percentages, graphs and polls, and has no real understanding of people.  A superficial snob, but trying to be a good person.


Guard (any age)

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