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San Leandro Players is excited to announce auditions for our Summer 2024 production of "Waiting in the Wings" by Noel Coward; directed by Amy Cook.

Noël Coward wrote this play, his fiftieth, as a gift for actress friends he had worked with in his earlier days. “The Wings” is a charity home for retired actresses who bring their dramatic stage talents into their communal living. The play explores ins and outs of daily life with typical Coward wit and humor within a framework of both the pleasures and sadness of aging. Hanging over the community is their desire for a solarium and the whims of the theater board that runs the home. What ensues is a delightful collection of forceful and dramatic personalities, a long simmering feud, a mysterious journalist, and the tender and heart-breaking realities of losing family and building new relationships. In addition, Coward wrote some delightful music for this music-enhanced non-musical. Audiences leave with new found friends in the residents of “The Wings”.

If you would like to have a singing role, please come prepared to sing a few bars of a song of your choosing a capella. This is not a musical, and the feel of the songs is sitting around a piano with friends, and not a Broadway solo.

We will be reading from sides from the script, no need to prepare a monologue. However, we are using British accents for the play so please come prepared to read with your best accent.

Very open to Diverse and gender fluid casting.

Actors – if you are younger than the stated age, we will use aging makeup as needed.



7pm Tuesday, May 28 and Wednesday, May 29, 2024 (May 30th callbacks, if necessary). No appointment necessary—if interested, please contact Amy Cook at


Non-AEA, no pay; all ethnicities and ages encouraged.  Please Note: Auditions, rehearsals and performances will observe CDC, Alameda County and City of San Leandro COVID safety protocols (MASKING encouraged except when performing on stage).



At the San Leandro Museum/Auditorium 320 West Estudillo Ave, San Leandro (next to the historic Casa Peralta and 2 blocks east of the San Leandro BART Station).



From June 3 to July 18(Monday thru Thursday 7-9 pm), plus July 19 (dress rehearsal).



July 20 thru August 18; Saturdays at 8pm; Sundays at 2pm PLUS Fridays at 8pm August 9 and 16.


"Waiting in the Wings" is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.


Residents in “The Wings”

May Davenport – mid 70’s. A leading lady in her day. In a feud with Lotta who “stole” May’s husband many years earlier.

Cora Clarke – in her late 60’s, Cora never fails to deliver dry wit into any situation. Beloved by others, even when she is negative.

Bonita Belgrave – late 60’s. lively and fun. Can bring the party into the room. Has a couple of songs.


Maudie Melrose Precast – 70. Plays the piano and adds the soundtrack to the life of the household.


Deirdre O’Malley – 82. Spry Irish woman with a thick brogue. She is religious with a particularly heavy emphasis on doom, quick with a comment, and loyal to the ladies of the household.


Almina Clare – 85. A character actress who always worked in the theater but never reached stardom. She is now allowing herself to enjoy any comforts that lift her from her woeful outlook on life.


Estelle Craven – 74. Also a character actress who always worked in the theater but never reached stardom. Now she has settled into this life but is sometimes fearful of the future.


Sarita Myrtle – late 70’s. In the beginning stages of dementia (and pyromania) and then lapsing dangerously into deeper dementia when she believes she is still in a traveling theater production.


Lotta Bainbridge – 70ish. The aging star who “stole” May’s husband. She now has to give up most of her comfortable life due to economic circumstances and is having some difficulties.


Other Characters


Perry Lascoe – 20-40. Charming and attentive, he is the secretary of the club and helps to take care of the running of the place. The ladies all adore him and he will do anything to keep them happy. Has a song.


Miss Archie – 45-55. Ex-Army battle ax who runs the home with vigor. However, all of her zest is undergirded by a strong affection for the ladies who live in The Wings.


Osgood Meeker – 55-75. Always well dressed, he visits regularly to bring violets to an aging star confined upstairs. He is delightfully winsome as he recalls seeing her onstage.


Dora/ Topsy Baskerville – (20’s – 50’s) Dora is Lotta’s maid who loses her job when Lotta moves to the Wings. This role will be doubled with Topsy who enters as the end of the play as a new resident welcomed in.


Doreen – 18-30. The maid. A little scattered. Though kind, she would probably rather be going out with friends sometimes. She is up on the latest news of the times.


Zelda Fenwick – 20-35. a mysterious reporter writing an article on The Wings


Doctor Jevons – 35-60. The local doctor who is called in for medical emergencies with the residents. Sometimes has to deliver sad news.

"Waiting in the Wings" is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

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